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Introduction to Technical Flats: A Free Series


Woohoo! Introduction to Technical Flats is now FREE!

This 10 part series will be released by section as blog posts with corresponding videos. Once all 10 sections have been released, I will post the full PDF guide for you to download (for FREE, no really, I won’t even ask for your email).

If you want to be sure you don’t miss out on each section’s release, then I would recommend you subscribe to my mailing list.


So what is Introduction to Technical Flats?

What will you get out of it?

I'm sure you've had experience using lots of different guides. You've probably even experienced using some not-so-great ones. Well, I'm right there with you. I'm always on the search to find amazing education and nothing I could find was up to snuff!

Until this.

Introduction to Technical Flats is your ultimate guide to learning how to create PROFESSIONAL and ACCURATE technical flats for apparel production. Whether you're just beginning or just wanting to improve your skills, this guide has it all. I wish I had this when I was learning! It would have saved me years of frustrated learning and countless hours spent on client projects.

BONUS: Included is a link to a 10 part video series that walks you through step-by-step. It's hosted through YouTube, so no need to sign up for anything special!


Get my EXACT formula for how I create my technical flats and learn HOW to always make them look beautiful and professional. Learn the quick and easy way to create detailed stitch brushes, build your trims symbol library, and color your sketches effortlessly.

(Want to connect with me and see what I'm all about? See for yourself how my drawing methods have built me an extensive portfolio and a thriving client service business. - pointsofmeasure.com)

What if you could create stunning flats of your designs in less than 5 minutes?

Flats that bring your design to life, accurately reflect your design intent, so that you can spend more time DESIGNING.

If you're ready to start taking your design process seriously, then Introduction to Technical Flats is for you!

It's full of useful tips and industry knowledge that will skyrocket your drawings to the professional level.



- Learn to draw a basic tee design, proportionately and technically accurate (then add it to your portfolio for your next interview, pitch, or client proposal).

- Ace the process of coloring, even for garments with multiple colors. No more coloring headaches for you! (your next design presentation will be dynamic with some eye-catching color added to it!)

- Build your first symbol, a button. Then learn how to add that to a library so that you can use it over and over again. Continue to add more trims using this method and you'll have a full library in no time! (don't forget to add it to your portfolio!)

- Build your first brush, a bartack stitch. Then learn how to add that to a library so that you can use it any time! Continue adding to your library and you'll have any stitch you need. (don't forget to add it to your portfolio!)

- Build your first texture pattern, a mesh fabric. Then learn how to add that to a library so that you can use it any time! Continue adding to your library and you'll have all kinds of textures and patterns to choose from for your designs. (don't forget to add it to your portfolio!)

- BONUS: learn to create graphics and symbols the quick and easy way with my bonus section on Image Trace! (trust me you won't want to miss out on this!)

**PLUS**: You can learn any way that suits you - print the guide or view it on your favorite device. Follow along using the 10 part video series that's included. Whatever your learning style is there's a method for you!



This is an instant, 25 page, PDF download that walks you through exactly how to get started creating Technical Flats. The PDF also includes a link to a private video series, over 100 minutes in total, hosted through YouTube. The video series gives you a clear walkthrough of each step and follows along with the written guide.


Bonus Section: IMAGE TRACE

The full guide is now available for download in Section 10!

Start the series - Read Section 1: Tools and Windows now!

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